October 9-11, 2018, Västerås, Sweden

The first meeting took place in Västerås, Sweden. After the introduction about the project, the representatives of all project partners did presentations on their schools and other topics. After that, there was a workshop with students from migration background. Another presentation was about a student project called Here4You which helps other students spend their free time with other students to make new friends and try new activities.

Another presentation was about school ambassadors who wear uniforms to distinguish themselves and help other students or potential students (and their parents) get information about the school.

The participants visited a local native language centre where especially children of immigrants study their native language in order to learn Swedish faster and better. In this centre there are up to 60 languages taught by native speakers.

The next presentation was about Swedish health care system. Around 23 % of Swedish population is of foreign origin and the share of people of foreign origin working in health care is even 35 %.

Next, we visited a district administration centre. Asylum seekers are requested to take a course about Swedish culture and customs which takes 60 hours as well as a course focused on health education which takes 20 hours.

At the end of the project meeting, tasks for the next meeting were given to all partner schools.